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斯里兰卡有多家公司,可以选择安装宽带或者无线网络3G,Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, 每月费用大概 2000 卢比,宽带需要先安装固定电话,从Telecom申请, 安装固定电话费用大概 8000卢比,网络和电话每月月租大概2300卢比。

There are several companies, one can select to install the internet or wireless internet, such as Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, every month the bill is about 2000 rupee. The internet should install the home-phone first, it can be applied from Telecom, the fee of home-phone is about 8000 rupee, the bill of the internet and phone is about 2300 rupee.

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