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如果想提升英文,可以参加British Council 或者American College的培训课程。 前者费用相对昂贵,每期50小时,每周3~4小时,费用30000卢比左右,皆为英国或者澳洲老师授课。后者为当地人授课,费用 每期15000左右,课时50小时。


All the courses are English medium, some part is pali, so the basic requirement is the certain English level. One needs to improve all English skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. If possible I suggest that one can participate some English courses or programs for a period. Most of Sinhalese have strong accent, probably at first it is difficult to understand.

One can join some English class in British Council or American College. The former is expensive, each course is about 50 hours, and the course fee is 32000 rupee, all the teachers are native speakers. The later is about 70 hours, and the course fee is about 16000 rupee, the teachers are local citizen.

Another selection is home-teacher, one-by-one or one-by-two, time and price is not fixed and can be discussed with agreement.


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