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  论文流程 Thesis Procedures

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Select the thesis title, get the permission from the Head of Department, and then one can prepare the synopsis of the thesis, the requirement should be followed the handbook of the University of Peradeniya, it is about 3 to 5 pages.


Submit the synopsis, waiting for the schedule for presenting, normally it is the last week Tuesday morning or afternoon in everyone.


After presenting the synopsis, they will discuss in the high degree committee. If they agree, you will receive a letter from the registrar of faculty of arts, they point out that who will be your supervisor.


All the time you can spend freely, and try to collect all the materials related to your thesis, utilize the library sources, you can copy, borrowing period maxima is two weeks, but you can re-borrow or extend the time.

论文写完之后打印出来交给导师顾问各一份,也可以每一章结束之后就交给导师顾问,这样可以节省时间。导师顾问改完之后再拿回来修改,如果使用巴利文,每个字母格式需要完全正确,如ā,ī, ṃ, ñ, ṅ不能只是简单的a, i, m, n.

After completing the first draft, you can print out and give it to your supervisor one copy, or each chapter once you finish, in this way, it will save the time. After their reading, you can take it back and check the error. If you use pali words, so all the diacritical marks can not be omitted, should in full/correct form.


After correcting mistakes, print out 3 copies, fulfill one form, get supervisor’s signature, and then submit to the Registrar of Faculty of Arts. They will arrange two examiners read your thesis. The examiners will write a thesis report, this will take about 3 months or more. Mphil thesis and PhD thesis need to be checked by other universities, the time will be longer, normally about 6 months or 8 months.


Once the thesis report submitted to the registrar of faculty of arts, they will inform you the time for the viva, normally 5 or 6 will participate the viva, and some will ask questions related to your thesis, or give some suggestion or point out the weakness.


According to their suggestion, you have to check again and correct the minor mistakes, get the 3 copies back. After correcting, typesetting, printing, and biding, fulfill the Viva form, get supervisor’s signature, and submit to the Registrar of Faculty of Arts. If you can not complete these processes before September this year, you can not participate the graduation ceremony in February or March next year. If you pass, you will get a letter.


After the graduation ceremony, you can get the certificate. You can not bring your camera during the graduation ceremony.


Pay the certificate fee in the pointed bank, give the receipt and sign. It is unique, if you lose it, you can not get another copy.

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